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PTFE Tapes

We manufacture, supply and export the widely used ptfe tapes. The tape has its many uses in various industries, but mainly used in plumbing solution. It's also known as the plumber's tape. We provide the ptfe tape in white and yellow color. The yellow color tape is generally prescribed for the gas pipeline.


• Most applicable for plumbing
• non-sticky, very easy to clean
• Easy to remove
• Retain finish
• For the natural gas supplying pipeline.


• In pipe fittings
• In heating systems
• In the equipments of air compression
• In pharmaceutical
• For oxygen lines in medicinal fragment
• Oil industries
• Chemical industries
• Dairy and other process industries
• For architectural application

  STANDARD SIZE ½"  , ¾" , 1"
WIDTH   0.065,0.075,0.1mm
 GRADE white & yellow colour

Sr. No. Project  Technical indexes Remarks 
1 Heat-resistance +370℃  
2 Cold-resistance -190℃  
3 High pressure resistance 150~200kg/cm2  
4 Tensile strength >8Mpa control according to the demand
5 Percentage elongation >30%  
6 Density 0.20-1.60g/cm3 control according to the demand