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JV Corporation of India design this product range to cater various sectors of an industry at the level best. The products are well known for their finest quality and long-lasting performance.

We have earned the admiration of our clients for the technical as well as economic aspects of the products. Our experienced technical team work to cope up with the latest technology and advancement to meet every demand of the customer. Our focused work force designed to improve the product durability and efficiency. They focused on the continuous development of the product to meet the demand of the customer.

We are serving the industry for more than one and half decade. We are fully equipped with machinery of latest technology and wide fabricating experiences. We ensure the quality products with competitive price. We possess all testing facilities to make desired quality.

The checking of the raw materials is the first task of the experts. The total controlled manufacturing process leads the high quality of the products. The product is tested on various parameters. The quality check up of every batch is working out before every dispatch by our committed and dedicated team of engineers.

Our sincere efforts, organized management and talented execution lead us the success and help us to earn the satisfaction and admiration of our valuable customers.

Petrochemical and chemical processing :
The ptfe is such a versatile material consists of remarkable physical and chemical properties, made it most suitable component for the various industrial applications.

The ptfe is corrosion resistant and chemically inert component. The ptfe component is ideal for the application with the acids and alkalis because it remain unaffected. The ptfe consists of high thermal resistance. It works efficiently at the temperature -200°c to 350°c

Electrical Applications :
The ptfe is an ideal component for the wires and cables due to the high dielectric strength. The ptfe is the best insulator. So it is widely used in electrical and electronics devices. It insulates up to 500 volts per mil.

Semi-Conductor Industry :
The ptfe is chemically inert and consist high thermal resistant, it is widely used in manufacturing of the chip and for heaters.

FOOD, Beverage abd Pharmaceutical industries :
The virigin ptfe is proven an ideal material for various applications in the industries like food, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The ptfe remain unaffected at the high temperature. So it is widely used in the baking and drying ovens as guide rails and slides.

Laboratory Applications :
The ptfe remain unaffected in the process with concentrated acids and solvents. It is biologically inert and self lubricant and no adherence of the contaminants. So is an ideal component for the laboratory wear.

Bearing pads :
The glass filled ptfe can be cut into the bearing pads. It is an ideal compound with various construction materials like steel and concreat as inert interface.

The dedicated and focused team has earn us admiration and satisfaction of the clients. The organized management lead well developed system of the various aspects of the production. The well planned work results the best quality at nominal price. Highly experienced and skilled technicians have built a team, to fulfill every requirement of the clients and to cope up with the modern technologies.

Quality Policy
Our organization is the quality oriented organization. We do not compromise with the quality at any level. So we have developed the systems and machineries to check the material at every stage of the production up the raw material to the fully finished product. The product is checked by many parameters before dispatch.

Services Offered
Our organized management pay attention on every standard and customized orders. In time delivery and shipping is work out curiously.

• deal with bulk orders
• handle the material stocking programme.
• Material testing facility available
• The inspection facility by international agency SGS